Does your Gas Station staff need UST Training?

Yes, they do. If your gas station is active and working, then that means you have an underground storage tank to take care of. Gasoline and other petrol products are poisonous substances that need to be maintained properly in underground storage tanks. As required by the state of Florida, the primary owner of the gas station must take the UST A/B Certification course and the designated emergency handler must take the UST C Certification course. These two courses cannot be taken by the same person to satisfy the state requirement. This is because the Class C Operator must be at the gas station whenever the Class A/B Operator isn’t there. If there is no certified Class A/B or Class C person at the gas station, then you are at risk for a violation. The owner has to choose an employee to be certified as the designated emergency responder. This can be any general employee. However, we do recommend getting your entire gas station staff certified to be emergency responders. This would eliminate any possibility of your gas station being out of compliance in the event that the designated Class C Operator cannot make it into work while the Class A/B Operator is gone as well.


Who needs UST Training at a Gas Station?

The staff that may be required to take a UST certification course are:

  • Gas station owners
  • Gas station managers
  • Gas station supervisors
  • Gas station assistant training managers
  • Gas station clerks and cashiers
  • Gas station maintenance team
  • All other staff that are primarily responsible for initial response to emergencies

Please note: the list does not include ALL personnel who need to get certified. However, we highly recommend having several A/B and C certified personnel for emergency and safety reasons.


Why should a Gas Station have UST training?

Think of the safety issues that can be prevented from simply getting your staff trained. Of course, you can avoid facing violations and hefty fines by the state. But you’ll also be able to avoid facing serious injury and contaminating the environment. UST Training goes beyond the state requirement and teaches your employees the proper safety procedures to handle emergency situations, such as gas leaks, spills and fires. Failure to handle these emergencies properly can result in injuries or death to your staff members and your customers. You would also be subjected to hefty cleanup costs to the environment and your gas station could also be closed during that time, which means you would lose business. You can avoid all of these scenarios by getting your entire staff certified for Class C UST training.

How many of these do I need to buy?

There are two different courses that you need to buy. One course is for the primary owners called the UST Class A/B Training course and the other one is for the designated emergency handler called the UST Class C Training course. Both of these courses are intended to educate employees on the proper procedures for handling and maintaining underground storage tanks. Since these tanks need special attention, we highly suggest that you get ALL of your general staff certified for Class C certification in case the designated person doesn’t show up for work. If the owner is not at the gas station and neither is the designated Class C emergency responder, then your facility is at risk for violation should a state inspector appear at the location. The bottom line is that the more certified personnel you have on staff, the safer your gas station will be from emergency situations and violations. You can save big by using our Business Account Management (BAM) tool.

  1. UST Class A/B Certification Course – This course is for the primary owner or operator of a facility with an underground storage tank. You need at least 1 of these certification courses.
  2. UST Class C Certification Course – This course is for the primary person who is responsible for handling emergency situations when the Class A/B operator is not on site at the facility. You need at least 1 of these certification courses.

Business Account Management (BAM)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where am I supposed to put the certificates at the gas station?
    We recommend keeping all certificates of the completion in a file cabinet with other important paperwork or other safe area for as long as each certified person is working there. You’ll need these to show state UST inspectors when they come to your gas station to check for compliance.
  • How many times do I need to take this course?
    Only once. However, if you get a violation then you must take this course again. We highly recommend getting your staff certified every year to refresh their memories on how to keep the gas station safe!
  • Are people allowed to take these courses at the gas station?
    Yes! Our course is designed to be mobile friendly and easy to use for your convenience. You can take it on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet!
  • Our gas station gets pretty busy. Do I have to take the course all in one sitting?
    Nope! This course is meant to be easy and fit around your schedule, so if something interrupts you, then you can stop the course at any time. It’ll pick up right where you left off.
  • When do I need to take the UST Certification course?
    Top managerial-level employees, such as owners/operators, need to take the A/B Course within 30 days of taking the job. However, general employees that handle emergency situations need to take the C Course BEFORE taking the job and assuming their duties.
  • I need courses that are approved by the DEP. Are you guys approved by them?
    Yes! Both of our UST courses are 100% approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. See for yourself! We are listed as 1st Choice Gassy Tanks.

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UST A/B Course

Our easy 1-hour UST A/B Certification course is required for owners, operators, and managers of facilities with underground storage tanks.

UST C Course

Our 15-minute UST C Certification course is required for any employees who handle emergency situations at the facility where underground storage tanks are stored.


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