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Easy, Organized & Convenient

Finding a way to organize and manage large-scale training for workers across different facilities can be a challenge. Our Business Account Manager (BAM) system is designed to make the process easy, organized and convenient for owners of medium to large businesses with many affiliated stores.  The innovative tool allows owners and supervisors to purchase any number of seats for UST training to assign to individual employees or a team manager at a specific location so that they can ensure all employees receive training.

Easy Record-keeping & Monitoring:

  • The business owner can still keep track of all course completions, even if they assigned the seats to another manager to use
  • Facility managers can keep track of all course completions for the courses that they assigned to employees

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The Value of Safety Training

There are a lot of costly expenses involved with operating a facility with an underground storage tank. From insurance to fines for leaks and mistakes, it’s always in your best interest to minimize and mitigate any potential threats to your business’ bottom line. Making sure that your staff is well-trained and knowledgeable on laws and safety procedures will reduce the likelihood of emergencies. In fact, the way that your employees are trained to respond in an emergency could mean the difference between no property damage and thousands of dollars from property damage and closing the business for a few days.

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Special Bulk Rates on our A/B Certification. 

  • 2-4: 10% discount
  • 5-9: 15% discount
  • 10 -19: 20% discount
  • 20-49: 25% discount
  • 50-99: 30% discount

Special Bulk Rates on our Class ‘C’ Certification. 

  • 11-50: 10% discount
  • 51-200: 15% discount
  • 201-500: 20% discount
  • 501-1000: 25% discount
  • 1001-3000: 30% discount